Relationship Compatibility Report

$44.99 AUD

Have you ever asked yourself these questions… Are we compatible? Will we work? Where is this relationship going? If yes, then I recommend this report for you.

The Relationship Compatibility Report is your best resource for a relationship comparison and has been rated the best in the USA by American Astrology magazine.

The Compatibility Report compares your natal chart with your significant others’ natal chart and examines the inter-aspects, also known as synastry, between them. In the following report, each aspect is examined to reveal the basic qualities of interaction within your relationship

This report also includes a colourful bi-wheel chart with complete interpretations.


As a bonus, I will include my personal recommendation for an essential oil blend/s unique to your relationship.


The Compatibility Report interprets the relationship using the two charts involved, also called the synastry, giving insights into how each potential partner impacts the other.


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