Intimacy – Our Desires (Two people)

$260.00 AUD

Disclaimer: These personal and intimate reports are for mature people and/or people of legal sexual age in your country. These reports are direct, unveiled and may contain strong language, used tastefully, of course.       


The crème de la crème of astrological Intimacy Reports, this is where we look at you as an intimate couple. How do your individual desires merge and communicate. What sexual and sensual language is being created between you? Is the energy greater than the two of you or is it sucking life out? This report will hit all of the sweet spots and shine a torch light into the dark, dank and non-communicated places. If you are committed to knowing how your relationship functions, on all levels, then this insightful intimate report is for you.

This report will include some of your individual traits, however, it is mainly written with a relationship focus. So, I will look at all Natal Charts and with the art of interpretation; I will collate your very own, very personal, combined Intimacy Chart. If you require more information on each individual then I recommend also purchasing StarDancer Astrology’s other Intimate Report –  “Intimacy – Just For Me”.


Your relationship is worth this valuable investment. You will not be disappointed! Enjoy 😉



*If you have not already done so or are not familiar with your astrology chart, then I recommend purchasing one of the Birth Chart Reports. This will help gain a basic understanding of your astrological characteristics.


*If you require more information on my background experience and knowledge in this area, the fuel that powers me to write these Intimate Reports then please contact me via email.



Intimate Reports by Rachel:

These reports are written personally by Rachel and cover sensual and intimate needs and desires based on an astrological perspective. You can receive a report just for you, for your partner/s or a combined report for your intimate connection together.


These reports are for adults only and are strictly confidently.

(Add $80.00 USD per extra person)


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