Intimacy – My Beloved

$170.00 AUD

Disclaimer: These personal and intimate reports are for mature people and/or people of legal sexual age in your country. These reports are direct, unveiled and may contain strong language, used tastefully, of course.       


Have you ever been curious about what makes your partner tick? Why does he or she do that, say that, act out on that? Well, I can help you by offering a sexual and sensual astrological characteristic report that is personally written. It will shed some light into their inner intimate world and it may just bring some validation to your gut instincts and intuition. With this vital information it may create awareness and a deeper understanding that just may save your relationship or offer it a new spark, if things have become a little stagnant.

Now I do not recommend peaking at this report behind your Beloved’s back, that is only going to open up a whole can of worms… So, I recommend, checking in if them first. Of course, I respect that you know how to “adult” so I’ll leave it up to you.

Please be aware that you may not like what you find here or you may be absolutely elated. This is written only from an astrological perspective and many other traits, including upbringing, spirituality, and cultural background will also play a part in this. Just saying…


I recommend this report if you want to get closer to your Beloved, invest in your relationship and work with their desires. It can also be purchased in conjunction with StarDancer Astrology’s other Intimate Reports – “Intimacy – Our Desire’s” and/or “Intimacy – Just For Me”.


*If you have not already done so or are not familiar with your astrology chart, then I recommend purchasing one of the Birth Chart Reports. This will help gain a basic understanding of your astrological characteristics.


*If you require more information on my background experience and knowledge in this area, the fuel that powers me to write these Intimate Reports then please contact me via email.



Intimate Reports by Rachel:

These reports are written personally by Rachel and cover sensual and intimate needs and desires based on an astrological perspective. You can receive a report just for you, for your partner/s or a combined report for your intimate connection together.


These reports are for adults only and are strictly confidently.


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