Intimacy (IntoMeSee) – Just For Me!

$170.00 AUD

Disclaimer: These personal and intimate reports are for mature people and/or people of legal sexual age in your country. These reports are direct, unveiled and may contain strong language, used tastefully, of course.       


This report is intimate and juicy! AND… it is all about You! Have you ever wondered what makes you tick in between the sheets? This Intimacy Report, that I personally write for you, will contain information on your sexual and sensual desires, thought processes you have about yourself and others’, actions that arouse you, whether it be spoken erotic words, light or forceful touch, dark desires, what fires your passion or why you feel passionless.

I will delve deeply to uncover all that has been covered. To affirm your desires, spark areas that have been buried and fuel your curiosity to find your inner huntress or hunter. This is about stoking your inner flame. This is about being a whole woman or man in the world. This is the embodiment of your sweetest, or not so sweet, sexual selves. When you are fuelled by all life-force energies within your body, then you can truly fill your own cup and offer the fullness of yourself to others, by choice and discernment, in the world around you. A happier you, is a healthier you. An ecstatic you is LIMITLESS!


This Intimacy Report is a valuable investment. I highly recommend it for yourself or to gift to your Beloved. It can be purchased in conjunction with StarDancer Astrology’s other Intimate Reports – “Intimacy – Our Desire’s” and/or “Intimacy – My Beloved”.


*If you have not already done so or are not familiar with your astrology chart, then I recommend purchasing one of the Birth Chart Reports. This will help gain a basic understanding of your astrological characteristics.


*If you require more information on my background experience and knowledge in this area, the fuel that powers me to write these Intimate Reports then please contact me via email.



Intimate Reports by Rachel:

These reports are written personally by Rachel and cover sensual and intimate needs and desires based on an astrological perspective. You can receive a report just for you, for your partner/s or a combined report for your intimate connection together.


These reports are for adults only and are strictly confidently.


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