Transit Charts 3 Months

$17.99 AUD

Transit charts offer possible pathways ahead, for you to determine what road to take next. Though, it does not predict the future, transits can offer you guide ropes and a sneak peak of what is possible. It is up to you, as an individual, to take into account your personal free will, and follow your true hearts desires.

Transit charts are determined by certain planetary, house and aspect ailments, as they currently transit through your natal/birth chart.


The Three Month Transit Report will give you a snapshot of what lies in your immediate path. This is a great report if you want a brief glimpse of the near future life events. It can be useful if you are feeling a little stuck and looking for some inspiration.



Transit reports offer some foresight for the months ahead. They are great for understanding difficult transitions and knowing when it is best to change career, location, invite love in or go on a holiday. These reports are highly recommended when some answers are sort after.


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