$44.99 AUD

This is your entire natal chart right here!

This is the Rolls Royce of cars, the Ka Huna of massages, the Bee’s knees and the Duck’s Nuts… wait, what?! Where did that saying come from anyway? Well, you get my drift…

Your Advanced Chart contains everything included in both the Basic & Intermediate Chart reports – your natal astrology chart (as a graphic), interpretations of all your Planets (including sun and moon signs), Ascendant, Elements, Modes, Houses, Chiron, Nodes, Midheaven (MC), Descendant and Aspects, also any significant features that just have to be included in your chart.

However, you will also receive other interpretations including the most significant Asteroids (Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta & Lilith) and Part of Fortune.

This report will comprise of a minimum of 15 pages, however, may contain up to 35 pages, depending on your individual chart.

You will love it. How could you not want this?!

Enjoy 😉







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