For those who are new to astrology…

After talking with many people about my new astrology venture, I came to realise just how many didn’t know anything about it…

If you are completely green to astrology, then I have written this for you.

So your star sign, aka Sun Sign, is the sign you were born under. That is, the sun was traveling through your particular star constellation in the sky when you were born. For example, if you are born between March 22nd to April 21st then the Sun was traveling through Aries star constellation which makes you an Aries.

So what does that mean? Well you would have read the columns in magazines and newspapers telling you some personality traits and certain characteristics. You may have friends who want to know your “Star Sign” and then say, “You’re such a typical…(whatever star sign you are)”

Over the years you may have thought ‘I’m not a typical (insert your star sign)’. This may be absolutely true. There is much more to you than just your star/sun sign. After all, there are nine other planets that affect you, personally and generational, not to mention asteroids and houses etc. but I’ll keep it simple here.

So just like your Sun sign these other planets were passing through star constellations at the time of your birth. This gives you a Natal/Birth Chart blueprint unique to you.

Your Star/Sun Sign represents your personality and characteristics.
The Moon represents your emotional self, family life and inner self.
Mercury is the planet of communication and thoughts.
Venus is the planet of love and relationships.
Mars is the planet of action, sex, career, aggression.

For example, you may be a Leo stating you’re not a “true” Leo, all the while your Moon sign could be in Scorpio which would give a deeper, darker, more emotionally intense edge to your sunny, happy, warm Leo disposition. Of course, since we are not two dimensional beings, you can and will flip between these two strong energies in certain situations.

All of the above planets affect you personally. The remaining planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto are more generational planets, as the move slower. Therefore, they will impact different generations of people. However, you get a personal spin on them due to your house signs, this is calculated by your time of birth.

Jupiter is the planet of higher learning, both intellectually and spiritually.
Saturn is the planet of boundaries and limitations.
Uranus represents individuality, change and originality.
Neptune enters the psychic realm including dreams and inspiration.
Pluto, considered by some to no longer be a planet, detoxifies on all levels, transforms and creates renewal and rebirth.

You’re ascendant is also worked out from the time of your birth.
Your ascendant or rising sign, as it is also known, represents the way others perceive you and what side of you gets shown to the world.

So when you put all of these planets together and interpret them with the star signs, that are in in your birth chart, it gives a whole picture of you

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