Hi! Welcome to my website, StarDancer Astrology. It has been a dream of mine to bring my love of astrology out into the world for many years. I am no stranger to astrology and began communicating “star signs” with my father when I was a girl. In my mid teens, I delved deeper into the mystically accurate world of star signs, houses, natal charts, transits and the compatibility between signs. I owe thanks to my best friend, at the time, who was and is immensely passionate about astrology. I can still recall the moment she handed me her thick, heavy ephemeris and I discovered my moon sign for the first time. I intuitively knew which astrology symbol would be looking back at me from the page. I have felt a deep connection with this mystical language since.


Weaving the art of interpretation, with a detailed science, took me on a personal journey of inner discovery. It helped shine light into the confusing world of being a teenager and I found understanding in many of my characteristics, personality and emotional traits. My hunger for astrology only grew and I commenced professional study in my late teens. Throughout my twenties, I analysed everyone’s chart that entered my world and all of my friends and colleagues lives too. I love helping people to know themselves on a deeper level. I found that astrology is an amazing science and psychological profiling tool. Many are astounded by the accuracy that a birth chart can bring. Unlike generalised “star signs” written in magazines and newspapers, birth charts see deeply into a person. Some find this level of intimate information, known only privately, a little unnerving. I believe the deeper layers of us, is where our own magic lives.

So now, in my forties, I continue to plan and plot my world around astrological events and compatible signs. I also continue to shock others with my detailed accuracy.

Currently, I use a trusted and well-researched astrology software program in order to generate a large number of charts and reports for clients. Of course, you can opt for a personally written birth report or synopsis to weave your reports together for greater clarity.